Trike Collection


Tricycles are very popular with everyone these days, but the commercial range is restricted to SMALL TRIKES.


We have developed quite a range of trikes by maintaining the view that we like everything different.


We have resorected some anteque models with some being modified when original parts are not available.


I found by developing a rang of larger trikes, we have created a lot of interest with bigger kids and adults.


stay tuned into our NEW BIKES page to see what is coming.



Wheelchair Trike 16" x 12

Wheelchair Trike 16" x 20"

Wheelchair Trike 20"x 16"

Wheelchair Trike 24" x 16"

Wheelchair Trike 24" x 20"

Trike Front Twin Steer

TRIKE MUNGREL front twin steer

version 1

TRIKE MUNGREL front twin steer

version 2


Tractor Trike Green with Steering Wheel

Tractor Trike Red with Steering Wheel

Adult Trike 24" Tall

Trike Curly Handlebars

TRIKE 1980s # 3

TRIKE TANDEM - Anteque rear modern front

Spin Trike 16" # 1

Spin Trike 16" # 2

Spin Trike 16" # 3

Spin Trike Skate Truck

Spin Trike 16" Rip Stick

Trike Tandem Long

Spin Trike Mini

TRIKE 1940s chain drive

Tall Tractor Trike buils taller riders

1940s Trike with Dickie Seat

Trike Chain Driven 1950


Spin Trike Mini Girls Pink

TRIKE 1980s #1

TRIKE 1980s rebuilt with modern wheels