School Fete

 Collingwood College


A selection of action shots taken at Collingwood College over the last few years.

The children at this college look forward to seeing what NEW  CRAZY BIKES we will bring for them to try out.


Each year at this Fete, we have to time each ride period as there is usually a long que waiting all day long.


The enclosed car park area that the College allocate to the Crazy Bike Activity is superb for the riders to go nuts checking out each bike and sometimes running crazy Bike races

What a great area - plenty of space

Bump bump bumpety bump

It is like pedaling a wheelchair

Solo on a tandem scooter

Interesting use of a roller skate

Bikes going every which way

Skate bike with no hands

Who lost his passenger

Clown bikes are just my size

Bumpy scooter - off center rear wheel

Look out tiny

Push with my hands, steer with my legs ??

Hey - who dumped those bikes?

Now that roller skate is backwards

Pedalling along, singing a song

Arn't these big wheelers fun??

Tiny Clown Bike

I just need to get started

A chopper without an engine

Just need to get used to it

Oh no - who crashed

These back wheels keep wobbling

Of cause I can reach the pedals

Here I come - look out

Learning to balance on a Swing Bike

Odd wkeel scooter with off center front wheel

Just pedaL FAST - its easy

Feet don't reach use your hands

Mini motor bike with pedals

Look who mastered the Swing Bike

You must get the timing right

It spins just like the big ones

Whats this - steering with your feet

I'm a little bikey - yahoo