School Fete


Wales Street Primary School


The school sold ride tickets while we controlled the activity and timed each ride period.


Set up on a closed off road, gave riders plenty of room to "Zoom" around and really enjoy the experience of Crazy Bikes.

The riders, both Children and adults, were very keen to test their skills and co-ordination - WHAT A BLAST


We were kept busy all day, right till knock off time, when some riders did not want to give up.

Plenty of room here now

Who put all thos bikes there ???

A teacher takes on our Swing Bikes

Learning to PUMP an Irish Mail Cart

Look out - outa the way !!

With big wheels - it really goes

I will master this Swing Bike jet

Double Dinking on a Trike

Who pinched me bike ??

Penny Farthing heh - funny name

Swing Trike - Oh I get it

What is a Penny Farthing anyway ???

Clown bike proves popular

OK - can I be next - Ta

Mick explains how

Skate Bike & Penny Farthing

Tractor Trike with steering wheel

Parents checking out bikes

Dad mastering a swing bike

Mini Motor bike - with pedals

Hey wrong way - oh well !!

This is "Wheely" good

Fastest trike I've ever riden

Here comes a TONKA

Double Decker - I reckon its a 4 wheeler

Dad where are you ???

Why is everyone up that end ??

It corners well too

WOW - perfect size trike

A few different trikes

It's like a scooter on the front

Pedal fast to keep your balance

They all like the old timer trikes

Hand drive like a wheel chair

I'm really tall if I stand

A kids tall bike