This page contains action Action Shots taken during Gigs and Functions over the last few years.


These action shots reflect the fun and entertaining experience of "Ordy's Crazy bikes"

No hands on a Skate Bike

Little tacker on a Big chopper

Ten year old conquers the Double  Decker

Double Decker mastered at a party

Learning to balance on a Swing Bike

Looking tall on a Tall Chopper

Fat wheel Penny Farthing

Irish Mail Hand Pump Cart

Swing Bike champion

Tiller Steer Bike

Determined to master the Swing Bike

Our mini Tandem has turned out to be popular

Big wheeler trike with 24" wheels

Old style trike 1980's

Roller skate Scooter - different

BUMPY BIKE - almost bounces

Penny Farthing with 20 x 8" wheels

All Kids like to hitch a ride

Even bigger kids hitch a ride

Tandem - notice both riders pedal

BUMPY BIKE 26" with off center wheels and steering wheel

Bumpy Bike - 20" wheels

Our smallest Tandem - 12" wheels

Double Decker - 12" wheels

Who loves a tanden ??

A 4 wheel Lean Scooter with swing axle

Go faster - gets Bumpier


Its a bit slower on corners

Hey mate ! - where are you ??

I'm just bumpin along singin a song

BUMPY ? I could get sea sick!

Cool dad, I get a free ride

standing aint so bad on my Bum

The scooter wheel lowers the front