Waurne Ponds


Such a keen bunch - every time we revisit, the kids come from everywhere because they know how much fun is to be had by trying out all of our Crazy Bikes.


The following images are a selection from our visits over the last four years.

A swing trike - swings in circles

Ben keeping watch

Irish Mail Hand Pump Cart

A trick Trikke Scooter

The girls Scooting in tandem

Oh - both front wheels steer

ooy - give way

But I need to go straight ?

Swing Trike with caster wheels

Does my dog need a ticket ?

But scooters don't have two decks

Getting a little conjested

Mini swing bike

Easy if we both keep pedaling

It must be broken -cause it goes up and down

Look at me - no hands

Zipping about on a mini motor bike with pedals

But normal trikes face the other way

The 1940's trike - very popular

Tractor trike with steering wheel

Skate bike with no steering

Hey, they are wheel chair wheels

Why does this keep spinning out

This big wheeler is more my size

Just a bit too tall for a jump on start

it's good to back seat drive

a dad checking out a bumpy bike

Interesting - steering wheel on a Bumpy Bike

Tractor Trike with a steering wheel

The Back wobbles

Bumping along on a Bumpy Bike

This little fella is puzzled - why does it spin?

Hum - scooter front on a bike

Trikes everywhere

Oh No - he nicked it again

Hey - I'm surrounded