End of Year Breakup


This is just a portion of the many action photos taken at this function.

I have never seen such an active, well co-ordinated group of people, BUT of cause they are BMX racers. It was so pleasing to see so many parents take on the challenge of the Crazy Bikes.

Thank you Wyndham Warriors for showing us what our crazy Bikes are capeable of.

How cool for criusing the streets

Compact Bike with a short wheel base

Pedal fast to keep your balance

Not so hard - when your small

Penny Farthings are Cool

A bit different to steer

Mini Double Decker

Double decker with 20" wheels

just pedal backwards

One can actually get used to pedaling backwards

Backseat Tandem driver

Pump bike - pedal or pump the handle bar

This bloke is a champion on our Swing Bike

Not only kids can master the Swing Bike

Master of the Skate bike with No Hands

Reverse Steer bike our hardest to ride

If only my knees will clear the handle bar

Bit squishy in the front seat

A 4 wheeler with a difference

Compact Bike with short frame

Anteque chain drive trike about 1940?

BUMPY BIKE with a new wheel design

Pump action or pedal bike

Three wheeler on a lean

a Swing Bike champion

Is this really an even race ???

You know - from the back the view aint good

Sitting on the bar makes more room

A Lean steer trike - Cool

Follow the leader

Stick my knees out and I can ride from the back

1940's Trike - hurry up driver !!!

A 3 wheel Trikke Scooter - leans real well

See Mum's can master Swing Bikes as well

Who's following me??

Bit Squeezy - Hey mate !!!

At least I can sit this way