Crazy Bike Collection

 This page shows a selection of our crazy bikes as we have too many to show here

I have just included some our new editions built to replace the 22 stolen bikes

More new editions will be added soon.




Motor-less Bike

Compact Tall 20" x 20" wheels
Chopper Tall 26"
Double Decker 20" Pedal B/wards
Swing Bike 24" x 20" wheels

1930's Anteque

Chopper Long with sprocket inserts

Tandem Bike 20" wheels

Tiller steer Bike
Reverse Steer bike 24" wheels
Chopper Chrome 20"

Irish mail pump cart (modern style)

Penny Farthing 20" x 12" wheels

Chopper 26" x 12" Long

Skate Bike 12" Lean Steer

Chopper Small 20" X 12" wheels

Double Decker Bike 12" wheels

Mini Clown Bike, 4 variants

Motor Bike, mountain bike combo

Penny Farthing 20"x 8" wheels

Mini Penny Farthing 16" x 5" wheels

Roller Skate Bike 20" wheel

Penny Farthing Old Style replica

Penny Farthing 20" FAT tyre

Scooter bike combo 20" wheel